The Slowskys Discover The Slow Movement

I hadn’t actually heard of the Slow Movement until last year. When I started telling Andrew about it we both lit up. For years we had joked about being the Slowskys, the tortoise family in Comcast’s commercials from 2006.

See one of the original commercials, We Like Slow, here.

We are the ones who always say no to things. Our goal for every weekend with the kids is to have absolutely nothing scheduled. Even though I have trouble taking my own advice I am always counseling friends on how to cut back.

When we started Aamodt / Plumb Architects we worked for years on our first project without fanfare or anything much to show for it. We knew we were in it for the long haul and that we were going to plod along like the tortoise and eventually get where we wanted to go. We decided on a rather boring and traditional name for our firm because, first, we are not cool enough to come up with something catchy, and second, we thought that 50 years from now we would probably still be ok with our own names.

We were thrilled to find out there were other people out there who were trying to slow down as well, and that there was even a counterculture movement about it. So I had to revisit those Slowsky commercials and had lots of fun the other day watching them. Buried in the stack was this one from 2006 where the Slowskys start a political party, The Slow Party.

I really think this might be prophetic.


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